Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Mighty Wind is still blowing; the CBC still blows

Here's Jonathan Kay in the Natty Post today, celebrating the CBC caving to his right-wing talking points :

"Just this past weekend, a blog-originated campaign against CBC.ca columnist Heather Mallick elicited a stunning and unprecedented admission of left-wing bias from a CBC editor, who pulled Mallick's column and promised to "expand the diversity of voices and opinions" on the Web site."

Jonathan Kay, you will remember, personally led that freeper charge in an earlier post and was cited as such in the CBC Ombudsman's Review.

So Fox News was offended? Please.
If you don't want to see some variation of CBC Guest Columnist Ann Coulter any time soon,

If I missed you in the round-up, let me know in comments.

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