Saturday, September 20, 2008

Trying to hide something? CPoC candidates and their blogs (Updated)

BigCityLib has done the heavy lifting and pulled the veil off Toronto Centre CPoC candidate and raving nutball, Chris Reid.

Reid used to have a publicly accessible blog which has suddenly been reduced to members only. If you look for it you get this. Apparently Reid would rather not have people flipping through his archives. Too bad about Google cache and M.J.'s persistence.

Then we have Halton CPoC candidate Lisa Raitt running her Official Campaign Blog. Impressive! Except that Raitt, after realizing that the "comments" section of her blog meant people were going to actually offer their opinions on her views and those of her maximus leader, diddled with the "comment" section until (at time of writing) it vanished completely. Canadian Cynic was maintaining a Death Watch on Raitt's blog, (death being the complete elimination of the comments section of the blog), and as we can see, CC didn't have to waste much time. One day.

By comparison, and since he's running in the same Halton riding as Raitt, take a look at how Liberal candidate (and incumbent) Garth Turner runs his blog.

At least Reid and Raitt are on the same page when it comes to listening to their prospective constituents. If elected, they will absolutely, positively, 100 percent, represent everyone... who agrees with them.

On the other hand: Red Tory has a point. Until Raitt removes the word "blog" from her.... whatever that is... there is still life to be sucked out of it. In fact, Raitt might want to eliminate her "articles" thing (ersatz-blog) altogether since most of her readers are coming from the left-to-centre readership of progressive and reality-based blogs. In short, she's getting some excellent exposure as a joke.

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