Friday, September 19, 2008

David Marler's Story

This should not be ignored.

I've kept a copy so if the Conservatives manage to get a tame judge to bring an injunction I can email it to anyone who wants to read about Marler's "in and out" experience.

"This book basically recounts two different stories that merge in such a way that one obliterates the other. First, it is the story of my three year quest to become the federal Member of Parliament for the riding of Brome Missisquoi. As the story unfolds I will discuss the reasons why I decided to run and why I chose the Conservative Party of Canada, notwithstanding that my forebears were prominent in the Liberal Party of Canada. We shall see that my motivation aroseout of a despair which I felt at the time, 2005, with the then prevailing political culture in Ottawa and a desire, perhaps quixotic, to try to do something about it. In that sense, this book is an auto-biography.

The second story this book tells is one of political wrongdoing that is still making headlines as I write this in the late summer of 2008. The title, Sixty-Six Said Yes,
is admittedly obscure, except perhaps to a person holding a PhD in Canadian
political trivia. It relates to a legally dubious manoeuvre of the Conservative Party
perpetrated in the 2005/2006 general election campaign. In that sense this book
is the account of a scandal by a witness, namely me.

This misconduct, which came to be called the “in-and-out”, will be described in
Chapter I, but only as an illustration which is demonstrative, to borrow from
Hamlet, of there being “something rotten” in the State of Canada, and which
unless we collectively resolve to do something about it, will make us more
complicit than we already are in what can be called the erosion of our democratic
system and civil liberties."

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