Wednesday, May 21, 2008

With an annoucement like this, you know blood is going to run in the gutters.

Jebus H Krist. It's not hard to tell that Sandra Buckler isn't controlling communications for the Stephen Harper party. I don't get a great deal of news in my present situation but this becomes the headline stuff?
Food items labelled as a product of Canada or made in Canada will now have to ensure that nearly all of their contents are Canadian in origin and processed in this country, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Wednesday.

Harper said that most consumers assume that food with a "made in Canada" or "product of Canada," label was grown, processed and packaged in Canada by Canadian farmers and producers.

"But this is not in fact the case," Harper said in Beamsville, Ont.

"The truth is foods marked product of Canada or made in Canada actually may not be very Canadian at all."

Harper said that's because under current Canadian law, if 51 per cent of the production costs were incurred in Canada and the last substantial transformation of the product occurred in Canada, it is legal to use those labels.

"Under our new rules, if something in the grocery store is marked product of Canada, it must mean all or virtually all the contents are Canadian," Harper said.

That's so... mundane. It might appeal to the mouthbreathing crowd but it means nothing. It's not a burning issue on the stoves of Canadian kitchens. But the right-wingers want you to believe it is.

Stephen Harper, who quite visibly enjoys the perks of his position by eating high fat foods, would probably be hard pressed to tell you he's personally aware of anything on a grocery store shelf which violates his new found awareness of foreign food products. Harper, (Mr. "Caveat Emptor"), is now going to get into your stew pot. It's all very conservative. Big Daddy will protect you from the evil shrimp terrorists.

Why is this suddenly the focus of the Harper party? Well, because there are some shitty things happening and they would sooner you focused on where your sardines came from.

Things like Harper's chief of staff, Ian Brody.
There are indications from Conservative insiders that Brodie will be replaced by Guy Giorno, a key aide to former Ontario premier Mike Harris.

Brodie had been named as being responsible for the original leak in March in the so-called Naftagate issue, which involved assurances from Barack Obama's campaign that the U.S. presidential hopeful's tough talk on NAFTA was essentially rhetoric.

And if you'd like to spread a little butter on that, Brodie has stated that he planned on leaving before that little incident occurred.


So why then would Brodie be dragging in the chiefs of staff of cabinet ministers to strategy meetings as late as a couple of weeks ago? Oh yeah. That.

Camouflage. Which doesn't match the landscape.

Keep an eye on those sardines. They might not be Canadian. And Big Steve will protect you from them.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the gutters. That will be human blood running down the storm drains.

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