Thursday, May 22, 2008

President Obama and Prime Minister Harper

Suppose Barack Obama wins the presidency.

Now suppose the aide to the Prime Minister of Canada who once tried to undermine his campaign for the nomination of his party is still an aide to the Prime Minister of Canada. In other words suppose Brodie hadn't resigned by then.

Do you think Harper's congratulatory phone call would be accepted in good grace?

I think it would be accepted very formally and warily.

It may well be anyway. President Obama will certainly be informed that the current Prime Minister of Canada has frequently expressed his admiration for the US conservative movement. That alone will make Obama wary of him.

It will also not have been unnoticed that our lazy, malleable, cowardly, ignoble press corpse was congenially or perhaps drunkenly complicit in morphing the story from being originally and primarily about the Clinton campaign into being almost solely about the Obama camp.

In a number of ways it is looking increasingly possible that Harper's willingness to bow, scrape and kiss ass before the power and the glory of the Bush administration is going to blow up in his face sometime after January, 2009.

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