Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lets Have an Election

Let's be done with all the palaver, prevarication, posturing and pontification.

Its time for an election.

Its time to let the people give Harper his majority and let him get on with the job he's set for himself.

It doesn't matter much anyway.

Globally we're approaching a convergence threshold that is going to make the possibility of creating a new progressive democratic state all but impossible so we might as well bite the bullet and give the place over to the Harperites.

Cries of "Duce, Duce" being heard again in the streets of Rome and threats of violence toward political opponents of the new Berlusconi regime is just the beginning.

What the planet is facing in the coming years, climate change, mass migrations, food and water shortages, tightening borders etc etc will create fertile ground for regimes that are more authoritarian not less, more militaristic not less, more repressive not less.

Get drunk and stay drunk.

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