Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Questions, Questions, Questions

How did Bernier happen to have the envelope with these documents in his hand when he went to Ms. Couillard's home that day in April? Why did he have them with him a month after the Romania meeting? Why were they outside the confines of his office at this time?

Were there more than just these NATO related documents and he remembered to pick up and take the others but accidentally left these?

Was this a visit he made just on the spur of the moment while out walking around or was he in his car or official limousine? If he was in his personal car why didn't he lock the envelope in the trunk? If he was in his limo why didn't he leave the envelope with his security cleared driver? Are the documents we know about the only ones he had with him that day? Was there a briefcase full of documents and these were the only ones he took out? Why did he take these out? Did he take out others as well but remembered to put them back?

If the envelope was left on a coffee table why did it take a month for Ms Couillard to find them? Has she been away from her home? Has anyone else been staying there? Who?

Who is this "eminent lawyer"? Who else does he or she represent? Is this Bernier's lawyer? Should we settle for Harper's unverified assertion that since mid-April these documents have been safe in his or her possession? When did he or she first contact Foreign Affairs and what was the upshot? Were the documents turned over immediately following first contact? If he or she waited for this entire month before contacting Foreign Affairs - why?

Who are the "security experts"? Are they credible? Licenced? Has their reported statement to Ms Couillard been verified? Can their opinion as to what they found be subjected to a second opinion somehow? Do pinholes in a mattress have any other explanations or is that only part of the story?

How do our NATO allies feel about this? Is there any hesitation being expressed regarding the security of confidential documents in Canada?

None of these questions will get answered of course.

Any answers would would threaten national security.

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