Monday, May 26, 2008

Bernier to Emerson to Hell

Now that the G&M has come to their senses and shut down their so called comments boards on volatile partisan matters all the Conservative talking point trolls have migrated over to the comment boards. Better all round fit for them anyway given the sheer partisan nature of Mike Duffy, Craig Oliver et al.

But the talking points being exposed today are unusual in their stupidity. Pierre Polievre must be spending time at the keyboard in Ottawa cueing the troll army.

There are some Conservative trolls who clearly didn't even bother to read that Bernier had left classified documents related to NATO/Afghanistan. Their defence of Bernier rests on the irrelevancy of any documents that he may have had; one who might have read the story even goes so far as to say straight out that no Canadian minister would ever have had any important documents anyway because Canada is not an important country.

Many of these stupid asshats commend Harper for his "quick and decisive action". Like what? Accepting a resignation?

Although as the dust settles over the next few days I'm sure we'll hear Craig Oliver or Mike Duffy commend him in a similar way.

And now we have Misnister of Foreign Affairs David "I'm Really an American" Emerson.

What glory that will be.

I suppose there's comfort in the thought that at least he won't fall to his knees and beg to be pissed on the first time he meets Condoleeza Rice.

Although he might ask George Bush to shit on his face sometime before January '09.

Get drunk and stay drunk.

Edited to add this tidbit that Reuters, via the NYT, includes in their filing on the matter:

"Couillard, who first came to public attention last August when she was pictured in a very revealing dress alongside Bernier, also said President George W. Bush had paid her a compliment at a reception at the United Nations last year.

"Well well well, haven't you been keeping good company," she quoted Bush as telling Bernier."

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