Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Toronto Sun: Kill them all

When I was about 10 or 11, "Arthur", a refugee boy from Sri Lanka of about my age came to my school. He couldn't speak more than a few words of English, and was so 'different' from the rest of us kids as to be a circus act. In the playground that first day it was him standing alone at one end near the fence, with the rest of us in a group. We weren't mean, we had just never seen anyone like him (we were by and large of European and Chinese descent) before and because none of us spoke his tongue, we didn't know how to interact with him. So we more or less just stood there as a pack and talked at him excitedly. Some of us did try to extend comforting words and such, but at the end of the day he remained isolated and frozen.

Tears streamed down Arthur's cheeks and it wasn't until later in life that I realised just how utterly alone and terrified he must have felt before us on that cold and alien Toronto playground.

Much later as an adult, I found myself working in a public health residential facility. One of our residents, a very gentle and quiet man, was also a refugee from Sri Lanka. I wasn't told much about his background other than he was a victim of torture. Like so many others with poor literacy and education, he read the Sun.

It's probably a fair guess that these individuals had fled the Sri Lankan civil war. Given the difference between the Sri Lankan Sinhalese majority and Tamil minority (~12% of the domestic population), it is a fair hypothesis that they were minority peoples. The Tamil diaspora grew from people fleeing war.

Now today via Dawg's, I come to this monstrous editorial in the Toronto Sun.

First of all, let's drop the "migrant" bunkum. It's meaningless left-wing political claptrap.Call the 490 Tamil "migrants," now being processed in British Columbia because of our over-accommodating and therefore outdated refugee policies, something more reflective of what they truly are.

Like queue-jumpers, scam artists, back-door home invaders, plus a terrorist or two.

Truth is, none is even a bona fide refugee, not when many of Sri Lanka's Tamil minority -- especially the 300,000 ex-pats now residing here, primarily in Toronto -- are financially or vocally supporting the Tamil Tigers, a blood-hungry terrorist organization condemned by 32 countries, including ours.

If the MV Sun Sea were carrying 500 "migrants" from Afghanistan, home base for the Taliban and al-Qaeda, would we be allowing it to enter Canadian waters, or would we put firing a shot over the bow with a message that the next would be midships?

Lock and load would be our approach.

And this case is no exception. The bombing of Air India Flight 182 some 25 years ago -- the worst act of terrorism committed on Canadian soil -- is a prime example how old-country feuds can nurture themselves to the point of explosion in our welcoming Canadian climate.

There can be no "next" MV Sun Sea.

From any country.

Naked genocidal racism* from an editorial staff who are so utterly divorced from reality and humanity by the demons in their heads as to be insane. It would be something if this current was limited to the odd article in the domestic press. But no, this evil - there is no other word for it - is an acute reverberation of the rhetoric disgorged by Vic Toews and his toxic toxic government.

They are the antihumane and the antihuman.

Bring. Them. Down.

*What else do you call an editorial that labels an entire ethnic cohort 'terrorist' and then suggests blowing up their ship?

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