Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bison bits

CBC in Camrose:

An attempt to round up a number of bison roaming near a small city southeast of Edmonton failed Tuesday when the herd panicked and broke through a barbed wire fence. "We actually had them in a corralled area, but unfortunately there was a bit of a weakness in the corral system," said police Insp. Lee Foreman. "Once they got into that compound they panicked and went through the fence and escaped."

Foreman said the last report they had was that 14 of the estimated 40 bison were near a biathlon trail in the city's river valley and had started to make their way back toward the city. "We've got some people on quads that are working with us and we're trying to confirm where they are right now in an effort to contain them," he said, adding that the priority is to keep them outside of the populated area.

Aside from the irony of people worried about free-roaming bison in a place that used to be inhabited by millions of them, the Camrose RCMP might want to call their colleagues up in Fort Providence NWT to find out how they deal - or don't deal - with free roaming town bison (see inset photo):

Bison routinely come into the town to graze in people's yards..or wherever they want to. The residents have gotten so used to's no big deal.

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