Friday, August 27, 2010

Mackay on sucking

Mackay just keeps on giving.
Defence Minster Peter MacKay is accusing Michael Ignatieff of hypocrisy when making promises on how Liberals would hand out defence contracts if they were in power.

He suggests the Liberals have both attacked and, apparently, supported sole-sourced military procurement contracts in the last few weeks. “It’s classic sucking and blowing at the same time,” the Defence Minister contends.

Whoa there, Petey!

Ignatieff is just saying what you did a few months back. That there will be work for all shipyards in the country.

So how does a sole-source fighter contract get in there? We don't build fighter jets in North Vancouver and we don't build a fleet of ships in a single shipyard.

On the other hand, while we're on the subject of politicians sucking and blowing, how do you explain this?

I just want to be very clear on the record that the reference to the next generation of fighter aircraft does not preclude a competition, and an open and transparent one.

In parliament the best they could do is accuse you of messing with "truthiness". However, in every gunroom I've ever been in (yesterday) you would be called a lying sack of shit.

Who sucks now, Mackay?

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