Monday, August 09, 2010

still more censuslessness

Harper must mean:
We don't think the unreported criminals for our new prisons should be unenumerated Canadians.
But seriously, when has anyone been sent to jail for not filling out the form? The Conservatives could have just quietly changed the law around penalties, but no, they had to cancel the whole thing and create a crisis where none existed. Maybe they thought that this would outrage Canadians into favourable polling numbers. Or maybe they worried we might stub a toe on a loose board and being wired they way they are, felt the solution was to amputate a foot to avoid the prospect.

Either way it hasn't quite worked out for them.

Speaking from experience, I actually agree and don't think there should be fines or jail threatened for not filling out the Census. There's millions of households in the nation, and some of them are not friendly and happy places for an enumerator to visit. And not because they don't like being compelled to complete the form. There's a few that are best left well alone.

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