Thursday, August 05, 2010

Where is the prime minister of Canada?

And why can't we put every single hard issue out in front of him for answers? Because, he's not there. Our corpulent PM has disappeared from the front lines.

Some fucking leader. He's leaving the issues to the lying pricks who tell us that we can find them outside having a smoke. Because Stevie is on vacation. How goddamned Bush can you get?

Get this, Steve. You are the prime minister of a Westministerian democracy. You don't get a vacation. You don't get time to "regenerate" or patch up a rocky marriage or even play euchre with the boys in the oil patch. You are expected to have your ass in that oak chair and do your goddamned job. Canada offers a great deal but it has never offered the nonsense of a political leader hitting the auto-pilot button and fucking off for the hills.

But we're guessing that that is where you are.

You have cabinet minister after cabinet minister releasing timed information on a schedule prepared by your staff. It was supposed to be innocuous stuff. You tried to ram through a change in the census; not by legislation, but by trying to bury it in an Order in Council. You timed the release of the Joint Strike Fighter purchase to coincide with the Calgary Stampede. What we learned from the Defence Minister could have been found off the back of a cornflakes box. You're shills told us they "go really fast".

Wow. 21st Century fighter planes can break the sound barrier. Who woulda thought? At least we invited someone into the forum who gave us more information and one hell of an informative debate. Where, Steve, were you?

We now have new "regulations" dealing with certain aspects of organized crime. Regulations?!! How about statutes? If everything you have to sell is that good, get out in front of it. Or do you have, as Boris pointed out, a completely different agenda? That hidden one you keep telling us does not exist.

And the frat boys keep sending out emails and faxes and lying to try and hide the ideology and the decisions you have already made.

You are not entitled to a vacation. You wanted this job - do it. Get your fat lazy ass out in front of this country and explain yourself and your policies.

We are not your servants. You, however, work for us. It's time you actually earned that fat paycheck. That means answering questions. Even if you've never done it before.

Oh right. I didn't link to anything. Start here and then start complaining.

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