Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Professional armies and mercenary whores

It's the world stage these fuckers crave, and they're happy to tell her what she wants to hear to get her to bed, use her as arm candy for the cameras, and show her the stars.

But when she starts feeling nauseous in the mornings, maybe shows a little bump round the tum and asks them to keep their word, they'll move out, empty her account, and refuse the paternity test.

Except the Canadian Forces and her serving and former members are not mercenary whores. A fact which might be confusing the Conservatives about now seeing that their recently fired Ombudsman just went live. They, we, are quite literally an army, a Legion, bound by certain codes that demand a standard of peer to peer conduct that exceeds most of what one encounters in the civilian world.

"Blade" is a slang term that describes the act of or the commissioner of an act which serves to fuck over another member of the armed forces in some way. The one thing that a member does not do, above just about anything else, is blade another member. This covers any act or failure to act that serves to harm another member, whether on purpose or not. If a soldier earns a reputation as a blade the very best thing that can happen to him to he or she will be disciplined in such a way that his or her behaviour changes in short order and the matter considered dealt with.

The middle path might involve some sort of harm to that person's general acceptance and welfare. Ostracising, a quiet sabotaging of their daily routine, it can get really creative here.

The worst, the sap will get taken somewhere out 'behind the gun-shed' have the slippers put to him hard by his peers. Or a clear, direct and very serious threat could be issued against the offender. I know of one instance of the latter where the offending (blade) soldier - of surprisingly significant rank - was removed from the formation by higher authority for their own safety.

Given that Ombudsman Colonel Stogran has come out and announced to the entire cohort of serving members and veterans just how colossal a band of buddy fuckers Harper and his government really are...

...and considering that just about all those Commissionaires, Commons, and close-protection security people the politicians rely on to keep us plebes out of smell shot have a ribbon or two to pin on their chests...

...I think just about anything could happen.

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