Friday, August 27, 2010

And that's a little problem we have, Steve.

I almost missed this. Thankfully I came back into cyber-range and caught this.

So... little Stevie apparently flaunts the rules, breaks a few regulations and goes out to play on a tundra-based airstrip.

Nope. Staged event. His handlers orchestrated this for the dumb and stupid. Security risk? Zero. Media response to stunt? Huge.

Do it.

Then the the chain breaks.
The rogue PM eventually returned to the aircraft where he was surrounded by reporters and photographers, one of whom wondered whether he had a licence to operate the vehicle — especially on restricted space such as an air strip?

I think I make the rules,” the PM quipped.

That's the problem. He thinks he makes the rules. Except that he knows he doesn't. And when he is faced with the outfit which actually does make the rules, he has it shut down and then runs and hides.

The little prick is a phony.

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