Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tony Blair.

Is just unfuckingbelievable. Apparently he's written a book.
I can't regret the decision to go to war ... I can say that never did I guess the nightmare that unfolded," said Blair, referring to the years of political and sectarian bloodshed in Iraq that followed the invasion.

"I have often reflected as to whether I was wrong. I ask you to reflect as to whether I may have been right."


"I feel words of condolence and sympathy to be entirely inadequate," Blair wrote of the war's casualties.

"They have died and I, the decision-maker in the circumstances that led to their deaths, still live."

I. I. I. I. Lots of those in there. Yes, Tony, you smarmy, despicable, monstrous little fuck, look at their faces. Read their names. Biographies on their lives. Those dead. The hundreds of thousands and counting - wait -

He has said he is donating the reported 4.6 million pound ($7.09 million) advance he received for his memoirs as well as proceeds from sales to a charity supporting serving and former members of the military.

- oh I'm sorry asshole, I guess you're just into British lives. All those dead Iraqis just don't qualify, do they old boy?

If you're the politician who condemned others to die in a war of choice, you don't get to complain that you didn't know it would be so bad. You don't get to lament the fact in a book you still live unless you perhaps intend to remedy that apparently disturbing fact. You don't get the make this into a self-indulgent sob story about how hard it is to be you because you think history might judge you a little unfairly.

Condolence and sympathy or the difficulty in find the words are what you say somberly to your friend when their relative dies. Not when you murdered that relative. When your chosen actions destroy a country and kill hundreds of thousands of its people, you don't write a fucking book like some retired movie star.

Go away Tony. If you can't do the honourable thing, the next best thing you can do for the world now is to just go away.

Update 1 Sept. Beijing York in comments draws attention to an idea in Britain's Daily Mirror:

Blair should amputate a limb and give that to the British Legion.

Then we can start talking about forgiveness

I'd go one further and make amputation a legal requirement for all politicians wishing to pick up a war hobby. We'd have a lot less wars.

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