Saturday, August 07, 2010

University extortionistic bullshit for a Saturday morning.

Thesis submission without having to register in September for Aug 31, 2010

Fall 2010 Convocation

Last day for students in thesis-based programs to submit Oct 1, 2010
theses to FGSR to ensure graduation at Fall 2010 Convocation

These are lines in a mass email to gradstudents received from my university administration. What they mean is that if it turns out my final thesis submission occurs on say September 1st and then I leave town, it will cost me an entire term's tuition and fees even though I was only actually involved in a single day to a month of that semester.

Maybe they wouldn't need to do this if they, oh I don't know, stopped doing obscene things like paying the university president like a BP exec and maybe not bought her house in an incestuous giggle fit (I am told el presidente's annual clothing allowance is equal to a year of my funding). Especially when the university is facing a budget gap of $59 000 000.00 with departments cutting funding and positions for staff and students alike to cover it.

The mind fucking boggles, troops. It absolutely boggles.

/rant off

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