Friday, August 06, 2010

Split? Bullshit. Conservatives stick to each other like fresh manure.

The Globe and Mail had better have a closer look at the political stripes of some provincial leaders before suggesting an east-west split exists among provincial premiers over the scrapping of the long-form census.
An east-west split is emerging among provincial leaders over the census. Premiers in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan all say the census is not a priority for them. But many of their colleagues in the rest of Canada are urging the Harper government not to abolish the long-form census. The list includes premiers from Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.
That would suggest there is something regional at play when in fact, there isn't.

British Columbia is governed by a party calling themselves Liberals but which are in fact, a nasty bunch of corrupt right-wingers who display an arrogance equal to that of Harper. Saskatchewan is led by a Harper sycophant and Alberta... aside from small pockets of sanity it is a basket of red-necks that spawned Stockwell Day from the current governing party.

I agree with Greg. This is just a bunch of hard-over conservative people-haters at the provincial level maintaining the silence expected of them by their Reform Party masters. In the case of BC, the current governing party has sprung a tax on the people after saying they wouldn't, pillaged social programs, destroyed arts funding, killed tourism, ruined the health care system, had a great big right-wing party and still couldn't get elected dog-catcher in Spuzzum even if they changed leaders. Surely Karen Howlett can recognize Conservative movement tribalism.

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