Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ineedadinnerjacket strikes again

THE LA TIMES HAS A DISTURBING REPORT: According to Alexandra Sandels in Beirut,  less than a year after authorities stormed the offices of Iranian human-rights lawyer Shirin Ebadi, taking sensitive documents and her computer, unidentified authorities have now allegedly taken the Nobel Peace Prize medal and diploma from Ebadi's bank safety deposit box, said officials in Norway, which administers the prize.

Outraged officials in Oslo say the incident is unprecedented and has sent shock waves through the Norwegian foreign ministry.

In its statement, the Norwegian foreign ministry also expressed concern over the treatment of Ebadi's husband by Iranian authorities.

They say his pension is not being paid and that his bank account has been frozen. He also was detained in Tehran earlier this fall and subsequently beaten, they said.

Grrrrrrr. The revolution cannot come soon enough. Meanwhile, I can daydream about Ineedadinnerjacket's encounter with a .50 Barrett . . . at 2 kilometers. The 700-grain Excedrin headache. John Moses B. would be so proud.

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