Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Hockey Shtick

THE HOCKEY STICK is the soubriquet for the millenium-long graph that says the globe has gotten dramatically warmer this past century. 

Well, there's a bunch of sober-minded Finns who disagree, and you can check it out at DOTSUB. It's a 29 minute video, with clear English subtitles, plus two of the participants are English-speaking. I realize that skepticism over global warming is politically-incorrect, but, like I care? Knee-jerkers can bite me.

Anyway, it seems that the Gore gang haven't been entirely honest. Check out the video, then, if you feel it might have validity, ask yourself, who gets to make money out of the P-C hysteria? Like Donald Sutherland's character in JFK said, follow the money.

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