Monday, November 02, 2009

BC MLA Harry Bloy. Coward.

Gee whiz Mr. Bloy, you're really brave when you're yapping it up from within the legal protection of the legislative chamber.
You know, there was a disappointing factor about the Olympics, and it was that 200-odd group of terrorists who came to Victoria from across Canada to interrupt the games. Anyone who could support this group should be ashamed of themselves.


They do not understand, these terrorists, the potential goodwill and economic benefits that come from these games because they have a limited intellect and do not understand how the world truly operates.

This is from a member of government who refused to answer questions in his own riding as to why MLAs were getting free Olympic tickets and who supports and promotes the lie that Gordon Campbell and his cabinet did not have plans to increase taxes on BC consumers by accepting the Harper/Flaherty Harmonized Sales Tax scam.

This is from a government that is hacking and slashing health, education and social services while stuffing dollar after taxpayer dollar into a spectacle famous for athlete doping and offering tickets to events at prices only the wealthy can really afford.

This from the former proprietor of a chain of junk-food stores.

This from an individual of limited honesty.

And in case you didn't get the message Bloy is trying to make, he would have legitimate protest crushed under a terrorist title.

Big words from a little man.

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