Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More blogs for the roll...

First, Driftglass. Possibly an aquired taste for some, but he does write some gems when he gets going. Scotch drinkers take note.

Second, some siblings from John Robb: John Robb's Weblog and its Global Guerrillas parent site. These two I find very interesting for their conceptualisation of the world in which we now find ourselves plodding through. They illustrate the decline of the state in face of globalisation through the "open source warfare" and "global guerrillas" descriptors. Some readers might know this as 4th Generation War (4GW) (h/t to G and Lexington in the comments). Both Robb's terms and 4GW are extensions of historian Martin van Creveld's "non-trinitarian warfare" theory illustrated in this excellent book.

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