Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fire the bitch!!!

Jesus. Fucking. Christ!!!

Never, never in all my time in uniform, whether living in a floating bomb or up to my ass in mud have I ever encountered a statement which so succinctly expresses the cavalier disregard for human life from a supposedly enlightened individual as this one:

The military gets stronger when casualties occur, she said, because it means more money is put into equipment and recruiting.

Carolyn Stewart-Olsen, a spokeswoman for Prime Minister
speaking to remarks made by Stephen Harper
20 September, 2006
I have an idea.
Take this useless individual out of her comfortable office, cut her pay to that of TQ3 infantry private, ship her to Afghanistan and send her for a walk in an old Soviet minefield.
When the explosion occurs, we'll all cheer and the PMO can ask for more money and more conservative airhead staffers because if more of them get killed its a good reason to give the PMO more money and hire more staff.
And, Hillier called the Taliban thugs and scumbags.
Apparently he didn't have to look any farther than 80 Wellington Street, Ottawa.

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