Friday, September 01, 2006

Defending an idiot

The Doughy Pantload™ burst forth in the LA Times yesterday with an impassioned plea to cut The Shrub some slack.

Really. Because Bush is, well, almost only human.

LORD KNOWS I have my problems with President Bush. He taps the federal coffers like a monkey smacking the bar for another cocaine pellet in an addiction study.
Wow... he nailed it. Just the kind of thing a country wants as President, Commander-In-Chief and so-called leader of the free world.

TBogg noticed.

Usually conservative commentators try to avoid using 'Bush', 'monkey' and 'cocaine' in the same sentence.
Jonah moved on to provide this:

And then there's Hurricane Katrina. Yes, the federal government could have responded better. And of course there were real tragedies involved in that disaster. But you know what? Bad stuff happens during disasters, which is why we don't call them tickle-parties.
Well done, Jonah! You're doing a heckuva job sorting through the death and destruction, the aftermath and the fact that the federal government is just now coming to realize they probably really, really screwed-up.

The hypocrisy is astounding because the media did such an abysmal job covering the reality of New Orleans (contrary to their reports, there were no bands of rapists, no disproportionate deaths of poor blacks, nothing close to 10,000 dead, etc.).
This is Goldberg making up things. This is a real media report.

Long before Katrina, New Orleans was a dysfunctional city in a state with famously corrupt and incompetent leadership, many of whose residents think that it is the job of the federal government to make everyone whole.
And, what was being done to correct that before Katrina?

Then, of course, there's the war on terror. Democrats love to note that Bush hasn't caught Osama bin Laden yet, as if this is the most vital metric for success.
Yes, there is that War On Terror™ thing. How's that working for you? Just Democrats note that Osama hasn't been caught. Actually, this is germane. I know, I know... look at the shiney thing over there!

Contrary to all expert predictions, there hasn't been a successful attack on the homeland since 9/11.
True. However, there's still time. As for expert predictions, most of those "experts" were, in fact, US government officials. I guess it depends whose homeland you're talking about. I would say, "Ask an Iraqi," but at this stage of the game calling the US attack on Iraq "successful" would be a real stretch.

That's why Bush's Democratic critics flit about like bilious butterflies, exploiting each superficial or transient problem just long enough to score some points in the polls and then moving on. Bush's Medicare plan was an egregious corporate giveaway, they cried, until seniors overwhelmingly reported that they like it.
Hmmm. Goldberg forgot to cite a reference to the overwhelming acceptance of Bush's Medicare plan. Here! Let me do it for him.

Look, things could obviously be a lot better.
Glad you noticed.

But they could be a lot worse too. John Kerry could be president.
Or it could be the person who won in 2000 - Al Gore.

It's time to cut the guy some slack.
Any more slack and he'll fall down the mountainside.

My god, what an idiot. Goldberg or Bush - take your pick.

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