Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mrs.Mills does it again!

One cannot help but love Mrs. Mills for her practicality..with just a hint of the devil in it.

On returning from our recent holiday in France, I had some photos processed. Unfortunately, what came back in the post were not our snaps, but some shots of people in rather raunchy situations. This was quite amusing, until on closer inspection we recognised some of the people in them, who are well known to us. In fact, they live just down the road (hence, I guess, the confusion) and we have been invited to a dinner party that they will also be attending. Should we ask them if they have received any other people’s processed photographs, or just ask if they have interesting parties

Mrs. Mills responds

As long as what they were doing was legal (more or less), it would be in poor taste to do anything other than use the dinner party as an opportunity to hand over their photographs in a plain envelope without a word. Of course, I would then put pointed questions to them all evening on the practicality of plastic sheets versus their comfort for lying on, and the use of exotic fruit as a sexual aid, just to watch them squirm, but you may be a better person than that.

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