Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Anticipation of Preemptive Exclusion (APE)

Keep your eye on the G&M/CTV, Post, Star, CBC, Quebecor and of course the ubiquitous CanWest Global over the next few days.

It will be interesting to see which of them, if any, cover the story out of Great Britain regarding UK forces involvement in Iraq - and Afghanistan.

This MOD report characterizes Great Britain having gone into Afghanistan '"...with its eyes closed." and that now passe favorite "The war in Iraq ... has acted as a recruiting sergeant for extremists across the Muslim world ... Iraq has served to radicalise an already disillusioned youth and al-Qaida has given them the will, intent, purpose and ideology to act." There are also some oddly familiar sounding accusations levelled at Musharraf's Pakistan.

Well here, read it yourself.

But which Canadian media outlet(s) cover(s) it?

Wagers, ladies and gentlemen?

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