Monday, April 07, 2008

Women HAVE employment equality...

Oops! Maybe not.

Via Lindsay, Citigroup in the US has agreed to settle a $33 million sex discrimination law suit with 2500 former and current female employees over unequal employment practices:
Citigroup Inc. has agreed to pay $33 million to about 2,500 current and former female brokers at the company's Smith Barney subsidiary to settle a discrimination lawsuit. A federal judge in San Francisco still has to approve the proposed settlement of a lawsuit filed by four women in 2005 that accuses company managers of doling out clients disproportionately to male brokers. Citigroup also agreed to change the way it awards bonuses and partnerships and alter how accounts are assigned, according to court documents.
That works out to an average of about $13,200 per person. Before the lawyers take their cut of course.

Yeah... it's 2008. On the calendar anyway.

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