Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The London Leg of the Trip

Before we went to Edinburgh we spent a couple of days in London.

I was taken with how cars are towed away once the meters have run out.

We saw Othello at The Globe while we were there. Performances begin in the late afternoon so that as much as possible they take place in natural light. While we waited to go into the theatre I got some pix across the river. Here's the Millennium Bridge with the dome of St. Paul's behind it.

Here's a panorama I stitched together from the boardwalk in front of The Globe.

We had some light dinner at The Swan prior to the show.

Which as you can see fills right up. Delicious food and ale I must say.

After the show we walked back across the Thames over Southwark Bridge and I got this lovely night shot of the dome all lit up. 5 second exposure for those interested. It's my desktop now.

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