Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Canada's World

For a couple of months now I've been having an on again off again correspondence with Reilly Yeo, the Online Community Facilitator and Editor of Canada's World.

Canada's World describes itself this way. "A project of the SFU Centre for Dialogue, Canada's World is a three-year citizens' dialogue focused on creating a new vision for Canadian international policy. Canada's World is not an organization, but a collaboration of business, diaspora, ethnocultural and civil society leaders, youth, scholars, retired diplomats and senior public servants who are active in international programming, research, education and public policy development."

Today I was informed that Canada's World is in search of bloggers who might be interested in participating in a group blog on Canada's role in the world. As they put it "...the vast majority of blogging on politics here is deeply partisan. We’re going to contribute something that transcends those divides -- that is fresh, clear-minded and engaging -- to the online environment in Canada. You’ll be part of a movement to get people thinking about Canada’s role in the world in a new, more active and more constructive way."

What's more they're putting some money on the line. "We’ll be paying our bloggers $20 per post under 200 words, $30 per post over 200 words, to a maximum of $60 per month. It’s not a huge sum, but it might cover your phone bill." Or I would add, your ISP bill.

Just try to bear in mind this caveat. "...we’re looking for work that is clear-minded and above the fray of political debates. Our Online Community Facilitator Reilly will be vetting posts, and will let bloggers know if anything they’ve said seems to advance a partisan agenda or be generally unconstructive."

If you're interested head on over here to learn more.

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