Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Here's a mirror. Have a look

I will apologize now to those who may have written something on this, but I promise to make it up with links when I get back to home-plate.

All the Conservative whining and complaining means nothing. It's what right-wingers do when they get caught. Look at him! Look at him!

It's as though they never expanded their view beyond grade four.

It no longer matters what other political parties did in the past. What matters is that you, Stephen Harper, promised "No more".

You failed to tell us that Tom Flanagan, a Canadian-American who is still allowed to vote in a fucked-up American electoral system, and Frank Lunz, a Republican party operative, were running your-oh-so-clean show.

You promised "clean" and delivered "dirty". For that Canadians delivered you a very cautious minority government.

And now we think you're a liar who will do anything to win. Lie, cheat, steal... no big deal. Right?


You promised something else and failed to deliver.

One-trick pony with the same tricks as the previous performers. Are you going to do it again?

We're looking at you. You have power. Nobody else matters.

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