Wednesday, June 28, 2006

When an ass-hat smears Murtha

Roger L. Simon, mystery novelist, screenwriter and instapajamaline blatherer has done it again. Roger attempts to come across as non-partisan on those occasions when he's not doing a Bushco dance. This time he decided that Congressman John Murtha had just jumped the shark.

Wrong. Since "jumping the shark" is actually a television term one would think Roger would understand its meaning - just a little bit - since he's well, sorta in the biz.

In fact, it was Roger who jumped the shark.

He linked to a story (which reader ImJohnGalt had sent to me earlier) and then used a line from the story as a quote from Murtha.

American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran, Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., said to an audience of more than 200 in North Miami Saturday afternoon.
Except that Murtha never did say that. As ImJohnGalt pointed out later, the original source of the story had to issue a retraction since they had attributed a quote that never actually happened. Murtha was citing poll results - not opining, as Roger L. Simon suggested.

Of course, a somewhat popular blogger jumped all over it from the beginning with first, this post, and then this post. The right-wingers, having slathered all over a statement that was never made, should have been embarrassed by my fave SoCal basset owner but, no... nothing but the sound of crickets chirping. The retractions were, kinda, well, missing in action.

Now, I can understand if Roger L. Simon and the whole of the diaperline crew don't read my stuff. Hell, it adds to the anonymity. But to ignore a somewhat popular blogger? That's kind of rude. May his Beckham piss on their slippers.

Anyway, back to Roger for a moment. In his post, which has since been proven to be little more than a good mixture of camel shit and bus tickets, he said this:

To be perfectly honest, up to a few months ago I never paid any attention at all to Cong. John Murtha, D-PA. He was just another back-bencher to me, if I even recognized his name, which I doubt.
Ummm. That sort of says Roger has been living under a rock for a long time. No kidding! How can Roger claim to comment on US politics and not know Murtha's name?!

Oh, hold it. He's a mystery novelist and screenwriter. The producer of fiction. Real names, real people and real information are secondary to the entertainment value. I get it now. Roger is just funnin' with us. Kind of reminds me of the movies.

Some films make the viewer a participant. Others make the viewer, well, a viewer. Others make the viewer a voyeur. SCENES FROM A MALL makes the viewer a third wheel. A very uncomfortable position to be in.
Written by someone who actually watched the movie. I've never seen it. I therefore would not have written that.

Oh yes. The "comments section" from the link Roger used is available here, again thanks to ImJohnGalt. Be careful when reading them and if you have an air-sickness bag left over from the days when airlines used to give them out at no-charge, you might want to keep it handy.

You have to give it to Roger - he has one helluva great list of sources.

Don't worry about the retraction, Roger. Or, any of the rest of you who couldn't wait to risk carpal tunnel to get an emergency smear onto your sites. Just remember John Murtha knows more about what a war is all about than any of you will ever hope to. Or your fearless leader for that matter.

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