Monday, June 26, 2006

If you're pro-abortion - you're a racist

At least that's what this piece of tripe is telling us.

According to the study by Paul Jalsevac any attempt at population control is pure eugenics and anybody who supports abortion, contraception, divorce or even homosexuality is being used by a vast conspiracy to depopulate the earth.

Soon after abortion was legalized in North America pro-life activists did not yet realize who and what they were actually fighting. They had no idea then, and sadly, most social conservatives still don't, that abortion was only one part of much wider, international agendas supported by certain organizations and individuals with some common interests and ambitions.
And who are those organizations?

Planned Parenthood has been the most influential of all and could in fact, as the document explains, be considered the world's most influential organization.
Right! Why did I have to ask? Margaret Sanger did actually subscribe to elements of eugenics but her main focus was on the rights of women to choose. She started Planned Parenthood (several times under several different names) in the United States after her mother gave birth 18 times and then died of cervical cancer.

And the most subversive of Sanger's books? What Every Girl Should Know. A small publication that informed girls about their own bodies - information that didn't seem to be getting out there in 1916. In 1917 she followed it up with What Every Mother Should Know. Since it focused on womens' health, she wound up in jail for creating a public nuisance.

But I digress. Back to the important points of Jalsevac's work.

The local abortion mill, elimination of the handicapped, advancement of euthanasia, easy divorce, billions of condoms to Africa (instead of medical and food supplies) and even forced acceptance of homosexuality have all served two main goals:

1. To massively decrease the world's population. (this is happening)

2. Through eugenics, to prune the human race of what are considered by some to be physically, mentally, socially and even economically "unfit" persons. (this is also happening and accelerating)
Well to address point 1, you only have to look at world population figures to realize this is not in the slightest bit true. As for point 2, the Christendom College graduate suggests that the promotion of contraception is somehow racist. Never mind that denying those populations ravaged by AIDS the use of condoms will accelerate their demise or that not allowing women to limit the number of children they bear will strain the ability of developing countries to feed, house and provide sanitation to their population.

Jalsevac's thoughtless and unsubstantiated claim belies the fact that to accept his conclusions is to deny the reality of a global attempt to prevent the spread of disease. In this, Jalsevac becomes the racist. Following Jalsevac's line of thought, populations of the developing world wouldn't stand a chance of survival.

Of course Jalsevac and his Christian conservative admirers could easily take comfort in this statement:

Every normal man and woman has the power to control and direct his sexual impulse. Men and woman who have it in control and constantly use their brain cells thinking deeply, are never sensual.

A girl can waste her creative powers by brooding over a love affair to the extent of exhausting her system, with the results not unlike the effects of masturbation and debauchery.
Great words a social conservative can buy into. Get the lust out of your system and you'll be just fine.

Oh yeah. They were written by the very person Jalsevac demonized. Margaret Sanger, despite fighting for better health care and a woman's right to choose, was a bit of a prude.

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