Thursday, June 15, 2006

The rumbling around Rob Anders

Reader Cat pointed out this article at describing a rather delicate situation faced by Calgary West MP Rob Anders.

It seems one of Anders' former aids has launched a lawsuit over being fired and is claiming that Anders' financial manipulations of campaign funds may be a little, shall we say, less than straight.

The federal Liberals are calling on the RCMP to investigate a Conservative MP accused by a former assistant of defrauding taxpayers.

The Liberals say the Mounties should look at a lawsuit filed against Rob Anders by James Istvanffy, who alleges he was fired from his job as manager of the Calgary West constituency office after questioning the way Anders handled his finances.

In a statement of claim filed in Calgary Court of Queen's Bench, Istvanffy alleges Anders borrowed from him thousands of dollars for expenses that the House of Commons would not cover.

Istvanffy alleges Anders then used salary increases, false travel expenses and even bookshelves purchased for his office to pay him back.
Anders, of course has denied the allegations and says he will vigorously defend himself.

There are some rather interesting allegations, not the least of which is that some people were working on the 2004 campaign while still being paid by the House of Commons.


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