Monday, June 26, 2006

From urban BC to rural Ontario

I'm off to the cottage in the Kawarthas tomorrow and I'll be offline for a month.

So here's some thoughts to ponder.

What's the point of Canada? Is there one?

Is there a vision of a Canada that exists as anything other than a point/counter-point to the USA?

Once we no longer own or control our natural resources or their systems of development and delivery will there still be a rational economic argument to be made for the continuing existence of the country as an entity that can be differentiated from the ownership of the resources?

If, as the right likes to claim, the country's identity shouldn't be reliant on it's social infrastructure, then what should it be reliant on? What is it reliant on?

Are we reaching the point where the most sensible course of action is to let the national experiment go and be the first to acknowledge the new global realities?

Happy summer.

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