Friday, June 16, 2006

Gingrich in 2008. Swiftboating made easy.

This article in the Washington Post last week stuck in my mind. The idea of Newt Gingrich running for President of the US in 2008 was a little bit bone-chilling when I first read it. Then I thought, well, he comes pre-blown.

But just in case Gingrich is actually serious, and he thinks he can pull one over, there's this to remember.

Oh yeah, and this, which has a particularly detailed story.

Kip Carter, his former campaign treasurer, was walking Newt's daughters back from a football game one day and cut across a driveway where he saw a car. "As I got to the car, I saw Newt in the passenger seat and one of the guys' wives with her head in his lap going up and down. Newt kind of turned and gave me this little-boy smile. Fortunately, Jackie Sue and Kathy were a lot younger and shorter then."
Say "family values" ten times, real fast then throw your hat in the ring, Newt.

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