Monday, May 28, 2012



Doug Finnson, the union's chief negotiator, says it's only because the government said it would act that CP management isn't at the table.
"Collective bargaining in this country is under attack, certainly," he said.
"As long as the government intervenes in collective bargaining, and in my opinion, unfairly favours the employer, the employers are going to simply line up, every one of them… knowing that the government's going to intervene, suspend collective bargaining artificially, and get into this return-to-work legislation, which from what I understand in the past two experiences, has significantly favoured the employer," Finnson said, referring to legislation that forced Canada Post and Air Canada workers back to work."

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karen said...

I have been asking in BC now since the HEU contract was gutted and the teacher's contract was torn up, "When are we shutting this country down?"