Sunday, May 27, 2012

A dry warning . . .

THE ARAL SEA: trashed by the Soviets in the 1960s, it has yet to recover, if that is even possible with global warming. Now, Canada is environmentally threatened by right-wing extremists, with psychopathic greed as their motivation, who are more dangerous, because they have more money than the Soviets did. io9 has a nice article by Lauren Davis, "Abandoned Ships Stranded in the Desert", with some fine pictures of our socialists' failure to ponder, as we wait for the next egregious activity. Be they from the left or from the right, political extremists are bad for your environment.

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Gloria said...

Neither China, Russia nor Harper, gives a damn about global warming. Harper is right off his rocker. He threatens charities, if they say one word against the tar sands, their budget will be slashed to the bare bones. Harper bullied other country's to accept the tar sands oil, in all places and time...the meeting of Nations in Durban regarding global warming.

I saw a program of the ships in the desert. What a tragic waste, that destroyed many peoples lives.