Tuesday, May 01, 2012

British Columbians. Act on this now

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Do you live in British Columbia? You may remember this post.

Well Robyn Allan received a reply from Christy Clark's office. Apparently Christy's pretty busy reorganizing her political stripes.

So, her minions, Ken Boosenkool, et al, forwarded Allen's letter off to the former mayor of Kamloops, now the BC minister of environment. Allow me.
From: Office of the Premier
To: Robyn Allan
Friday April, 27, 2012
cc Minister of the Environment, Honourable Terry Lake

Subject: BC’s Right to Environmental Assessment Needs to be Reclaimed

Thank you for your email, and attached letter addressed to the Honourable Premier Christy Clark, regarding the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. Your comments relating to the environmental review process currently being undertaken by the National Energy Board (NEB) and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) Joint Review Panel have been noted.

 We appreciate the time that you have taken to share your views and insight with us and have forwarded your correspondence to the Honourable Terry Lake, Minister of Environment, for his review and consideration as well. You can be assured that the specific points you have raised in your letter will be included in related discussions between Minister Lake, members of his senior staff and officials in the Provincial Environmental Assessment Office.

 Again, thank you for writing.
You can understand that this "brush off" by Snookie (I'm-A-Right-Winger-And-I-Know-The-Ferry-System-Better-Than-Anyone-Else) Clark and her former Enbridge lobbyist is cause for some concern.

OK. It's not. It's time to hold their feet to the fire. Robyn Allan is worried and so should you be. Allan wrote this:
April, 28, 2012

Dear Dr. Lake,

The Premier’s Office has replied to me and indicated that my letter to Premier Clark has been forwarded to you.

I am following up with you as the reply indicates that you will review and consider the letter and discuss the points with your officials.  However, it does not confirm that you will address my comments in a reply to me.

I would appreciate it if you could please confirm that after you have had a chance to review my letter with your officials that you will be responding to the specific points in my letter directly in a reply to me.


Robyn Allan

cc Premier Christy Clark
This is "round filing cabinet" country to the Harperistas that have penetrated the BC government. So, Allan has this simple request.
Please write Dr. Lake, and copy Premier Clark,  requesting that the Province inform the Federal Government that BC’s right to review and decide on Northern Gateway is being reclaimed.
I'm going to do that. If you give a damn about this province and your right to determine what will be done to it, you should too.

Dr. Lake’s email address is ENV.Minister@gov.bc.ca

Premier Clark’s email address is Premier@gov.bc.ca

Unless you're OK with Harper deciding what happens in your province without you having a voice and nobody should be happy with that.


Anonymous said...

Excellent.. reclamation of BC's 'right to review' is a critical and required step. A judicial court explanation or affidavit by the federal government on why they participated in such a bizarre arrangement, as well as testimony or affidavit by the current high commissioner to England is required as well.

There are many factual examples where this same approach should be followed, executed and completed.

If a politician or lobbyist or executive or his effective delegates or strategists, cannot promptly, and honestly provide clear effective public explanations of their actions, or validate their purpose to constituents or stakeholders or communities..
Then they must step away, or have their responsibilities handed over to others that are able.

Thus we also need to see honest, intelligent response to Alexandra Morton's communications to Keith Hadfield regarding salmon. Joe Oliver can explain his bizarre mixed portfolio conclusions regarding radicals and fish habitat. I begin to believe he is Minister of Environment based on his odd proclamations. I assume he and Peter Kent are getting professional help while sharing portfolios? So too, open letters/questions to Clement, Kenney, Oda, Cooper et al should return effective answers regarding their actions on Canada's behalf.

We require clear defined answers or affidavits from Stephen Harper regarding any knowledge or interests in understanding the facts of the recent electoral fraud. Indeed, we need explanation or testimony right on down the line from our current government. Perhaps they need to review their promise to the electorate they serve.

We also require prompt and clear explanation of any & all deals, agreements, understandings or undertakings regarding Canadian natural resources and their export. That would include China and the United States. We need this critical information forthwith. All related arrangements regarding immigration and foreign labour shall be included as well as any 'trade agreements'. If Foreign Affairs can assist in illuminating Canadians on these matters it will be useful.

Representing the maple leaf comes with huge responsibility and incredible expectations.
If you are not up to the task, its OK to admit it and just step away..

The current crisis in Canada being created by its federal government is not acceptable.
This government is lacking any evidence of exemplars within its ranks.
There are numerous and obvious examples of incompetence, inexperience, and ignorance.

I'm sorry .. I'm not making this up .. nor do I believe Robyn Allan is. I admire her courage .. and actions.. and how she cares about our country ...

West End Bob said...

Done, Cap'n.

Thanks for the nudge . . . .

Holly Stick said...

Meanwhile in Alberta Pembina Institute hopes that Redford's government will improve environmental management in response to the Federal gov'ts abrogation of its responsibilities:


Moon Rattled said...

Meanwhile, Taseko petitioned to have Aboriginals excluded from a second review of the environmentally lethal Prosperity mine. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2012/05/01/bc-taseko-prosperity-review-spiritual.html

You may recall that Christy gave Prosperity a big thumbs up, but Harper soundly rejected the mine proposal (before he had secured his majority), saying the mine would imperil Fish Lake. Taskeko went back to the drawing board to redraft its proposal but now it wants Aboriginals excluded from the review process.

Ryan Painter said...

I find it amazing that people get a response from the Crunch government. I never do. Hasn't stopped me yet though.