Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Things which should drive your blood pressure up

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Since I have a whole week of trying to make sense of yet another set of federal regulations which were changed by a federal department for the third time in less than a year, (for us poor slobs who don't make gobs of money shipping corrosive goo through a tube), things will be a little light for a bit. (If that makes no sense to you, welcome to my current situation).

So, start off by visiting Sister Sage where the question gets asked, "Why do we pay the Speaker of the House of Commons?"

If, after reading that, you haven't suffered a stroke head off to Impolitical where the Harper-induced medical time-bomb of denying refugees proper medical care just keeps on ticking.

Then, for those interested in the high-odour corruption of the BC government of Christy Clark (and her predecessor), have a careful read of The Gazetter where he discovers documented evidence of "pay for plea" deal in the Basi/Virk BC Rail corruption trial.

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harebell said...

I'm sorry my brain has already exploded after reading about the heartlessness of the Harper twats over this.
If I had known about the other stuff I'd have saved a lobe so I could explode in sympathy.
This government are really a bunch of inhuman nastiness.
Those who vote for them are just as bad.