Sunday, May 06, 2012

Robocon Guelph - the technical hypothesis

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Zorpheous has done a great job of squeezing out the technical aspects of the Guelph Conservative election fraud scandal.

If you haven't read it, go now.

If you're in a rush, here's something very important:
[I]gnoring the other 199 ridings that are being investigated, there is the very important point I made at the beginning of the article.  Someone with Administrative Rights to the CIMS database blanked out the log records which point to the Poutine List pull.  Now I am fairly certain, that no one in their right mind is going to allow people who are under suspicion of being Pierre Poutine or who are even associated the Burke Campaign to be allowed access to the CIMS database in order to prep a copy of the database that is intended to be sent to Elections Canada for this investigation.  So it is obvious that we have a person higher up the CPC food chain actively and knowingly attempting to cover up this crime.
As Zorpheous makes clear, the only way to delete the records which have apparently gone "missing" is to deliberately overwrite them and that requires someone with Administrator Privileges.  In a network that is commonly referred to as a superuser and it's a safe bet that the CIMS database didn't extend that flexibility down to the riding level.

If we couldn't say "conspiracy" before, we are certainly getting closer to being able to attach that label now.


Zorpheous said...

Just to be clear on this point, Database Administrative Privileges can be farmed out to several Admin users, but that group of people will be very small, even for a Database system as large as CIMS. No more than 10 people, tops, for that level of access.

And if these admins are anything like me, my passwords are 20+ characters in length, with upper and lower case, includes numbers and symbols. And I never write them down on paper.

I think this is one reason why Elections Canada has not revealed Poutine's identy as of yet, they know there are bigger fish in their net and they are trying to close the one end to ensure that they don't get away this time.

cheena1 said...

"I think this is one reason why Elections Canada has not revealed Poutine's identy as of yet, they know there are bigger fish in their net and they are trying to close the one end to ensure that they don't get away this time."

I sure hope you are right! I want to see this despicable faux-party OUT!! and not in 3 yrs either!

Saskboy said...

They are the experts, but they've taken 370 days to get to this point. If I'd been in charge or consulted on this investigation, I think I could have directed it to this point ten months ago.

I've been using the word conspiracy, completely seriously, since hearing these details about CIMS from Tracey Kent.

Since Postmedia works from documents filed in court, and the Conservatives have been shown to have lied about "any involvement", their latest claim that there are no missing records I assume to be bogus too. I've since started using the word "coverup" along with "conspiracy". This conspiracy, covered up by someone in the CPC HQ, will have legs to walk all the way to the next election. Honest Conservatives are advised to walk away before that point.

North Van's Grumps said...

Zorpheous, you wrote on your blog:

"...Michael Sona and Burke Campaign Manager Marty Morgan"

At the Globe and Mail, your link to their column, they wrote:

"....Marty Burke campaign manager Ken Morgan and director of communications Michael Sona"

Its Ken Morgan that we should be considering as a possibility

Zorpheous said...

Opps, thanks for point out the error I will correct right now.

Big Winnie said...

I think they need to get the database and the backup coopies (both incremental and full) to get a clear picture of the database and changes made to it. I would also check the audit logs (if they were enabled)to see who logged on, where and when and also the audit trail to see if any changes were made.

Zorpheous said...

I expect that when the criminal trails start, such information will retrieved via court orders and the CPC had better be able to produce those records in their unaltered state, cause I don't think "It's was just an accounting error or difference in accounting" is going to fly this time.

Carmichael said...

I don't believe for one second that the Conservative Party of Canada will ever be charged with anything in any court in the land.

I believe that people will die mysteriously or disappear before that happens.

Canada is a dead democracy already.

kootcoot said...

Carmichael, I understand your pessimism, but sincerely hope you are totally WRONG.

BTW if people start dying on one side, well.............the PseudoCons aren't immortal either, Rapture or not!

Maybe some of us "oldsters" should think about emulating the elderly Japanese who volunteered to engage in dangerous clean-up after the tsunami/nukeDisaster, since they already have little life left and were willing to risk it to benefit their children and grandchildren.

The complete opposite of Treason Steven Harper and his gang who are willing to sacrifice their children and their childrens' children tomorrow, for a fucking buck today!

cheena1 said...

from: @kady
"Just flagged to me by a somewhat bemused Dipper, the Conservatives just launched a new anti-Mulcair website! #hw"

Wish I knew someone that could hack this tory-produced website (brand new) and make it a POSITIVE for Mulcair! Gawd, these cons are bastards!! just hopin and prayin....

Saskboy said...

Big Winnie did you get my email?