Thursday, May 03, 2012

Funny how that name keeps coming up

Strange isn't it? (Emphasis all mine)
The management and board of directors of SNC-Lavalin faced tough questions from shareholders Thursday as a probe into unauthorized payments at the company's North African operations widened.

Chair Gwyn Morgan, interim CEO Ian Bourne and others discussed the company's results at SNC-Lavalin's annual general meeting in Toronto. But investors most wanted to probe executives at the Montreal-based engineering giant about a scandal unfolding in Mexico and Libya.
Odd that, in the circuitous conversations which occur at cocktail parties, the same name rises when people question the strange goings-on in Saanich-Gulf Islands in 2008.

That's tin-foil, right?



Alison said...

The Galloping Beaver, Oct. 16, 2008


And to think Steve was so set on him being Mr Accountability at his new Public Appointment Commission established in 2006 that when he wasn't approved in committee, Steve declined to ever nominate anyone else.

Lonenewfwolf said...

follow the billion dollar deals snc is doing over here behind a regressive access to information law. all fits together. they are trying to privatize our water and transmission systems seems to me