Sunday, May 06, 2012

Harmonica Players Suck (except when they blow)

You've always wanted to play the blues, you know you have. Everyone should be able to make a little music, it's good for the soul.  There are a few three-chord wonders among the Inkstained Wretches and several more among our blogging fellow travellers who will testify to benefits of being able to carry a tune at least a short distance. Well, we at the Galloping Beaver are here to help you strap some handles to that tune and carry it a little further. 
For the price of a little printer ink and 14 sheets of paper you can have a free 28-page guide to blowing (and sucking) your brains out on the Mississippi saxophone. 

Make music (or a reasonable facsimile thereof)!
Amaze your friends!
Confound your enemies!
Annoy the hell out of your roommates and neighbours!

Because the revolution needs a soundtrack.

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