Sunday, May 06, 2012

67 rounds. 13 seconds. 4 killed. 9 wounded.

When a democratically elected government opens fire on the people they were elected to serve, everything else pales.


There is nothing democratic about gunning down your own citizens because you don't like their voice. But, if I am forced to frame the discussion, that is exactly what conservatives will do to keep their grip on power. They've d already proved it.

Now, it's time to go visit Kevin. Stay a while.

Killed by a government sworn to protect them:

Jeffrey Miller, killed instantly.
Allison Krause, died of wounds sustained.
William Schroeder, died of wounds sustained.
Sandra Scheuer, bled to death on the ground, without competent assistance which was available 100 meters away.

None of them had reached the age of 21.

Not one of them had broken the law.


double nickel said...

A black day for democracy indeed.

sassy said...

Why do so many Canadians not see it coming, will it be too little too late?

Kev said...

Not just in America either just look how the Winnipeg General strike and the On To Ottawa Trek were violently put down by the government of the day.

As we start to push back today just as Canadians have in the past so too will the powers that be strike back in violence in defense of their privileged status stolen off the backs of our labour

West End Bob said...

Thanks for the reminder, Cap'n and The Rev. . . . .

Boris said...

G20 in Toronto and now the student strikes in Quebec see Canadians squaring off against armed elements of the state. The government's incestuous relationship with big oil creates more instances where armed state force meets the citizenry.

I fear two things. First, it is a matter of time before some dumb cop draws and fires on or beats a protester(s) or passerby to death out of fear and/or malice or frustration from 'non-compliance'. The next thing I fear is the support he would get from members of the public who find themselves personally alarmed by certain combinations of the right of assembly and free speech and think summary execution is the appropriate remedy.

sassy said...

My fears as well. :)

Smartpatrol said...

Susie Bright has an excellent account of the incident.