Thursday, May 03, 2012

The math of the pollsters would earn you a D in elementary school

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How this headline washes out is beyond me but having a total of 27 percent support for anything means you have a lot of opposition.
Asked what federal party is best at making decisions in the long-term interests of Canada, 27 per cent cited the Conservative Party, 21 per cent pointed to the NDP and 17 per cent lauded the Liberal Party.

But Nik Nanos, President of Nanos Research, noted a large swath of respondents were either undecided or didn’t answer – showing that no party has a clear advantage.
But that's not the lede. This is how the story started.
Canadians hold greatest trust in the Conservatives for making the right decisions in the country's interests — but they think the NDP does the best job of representing voters’ views, according to a newly released online survey by Nanos Research.
A grade 4 arithmetic teacher would have a tough time accepting that conclusion since, of those who answered the question, 38 percent do not trust the Harperites and 35 percent were unwilling to answer. In short, 73 percent of Canadians expressed no trust in the Conservatives at all

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Beijing York said...

Thanks to the FPTP electoral system, Harper squeaked in with a majority with less than 40% of the votes of 60% of eligible voters.

His trustworthiness today is less than 30% of 65% of Canadians willing to answer that poll.

Seems to me like a significant increase in his unpopularity.

(I still think the CPC brain trust recognized the importance of a voter suppression campaign in securing this faux majority.)