Friday, December 03, 2010

Things would that make me busier than I need to be

There is a new way to spell asshole.


Southern Quebec said...

What is interesting, is that he is not being charged with terrorism. He actually went into a secure area of the ship (with almost 2,000people on board)and basically tried to sink it. Is this not the equivalent of someone trying to get into the cockpit of a 747?

BTW Why was it so easy that a drunk could get into a secure area?

Edstock said...

"Cruise ships sometimes have to contend with drunken passengers chucking deckchairs overboard. That sort of larrikin behaviour"


According to Mirriam-Webster:

chiefly Australian: hoodlum, rowdy

— larrikin adjective
Origin of LARRIKIN: origin unknown
First Known Use: 1868

Dave said...

SQ, there are two very pertinent questions.

Ed, might be related to the word "Lark", but I have no support for that.