Saturday, December 18, 2010

At the going down of the sun ...

With condolences and respect to the family and friends of Corporal Steve Martin, 3rd Battalion, Royal 22e Régiment, serving with 1st Battalion, Royal 22e Régiment Battle Group. Killed due to enemy action.

Je me souviens


Fat Arse said...

Condolences to his family and those who knew and loved him.


Is it just me? Or does all of this seem so senseless? Christ I am so tired of seeing our men and women sacrifice themselves for a cause that nobody in the PMO believes we will actually win, that the Americans have given up on ... and that the rest of the world knows is not fixable only through force.

Either one enters the squared circle to win... or he doesn't EVER enter in the first place.

Time we stopped this futile waste of human life (on all sides) ... time to stop it NOW!

If the duplicitous two faced calculating cranial cock-sucker that is my Prime Minister really believe we need to "stay on" in a training mission in Afghanistan then let he, Cannon, Day, Baird and Toews be the first to volunteer. If nobody follows then they will, finally at fucking last, come to realize that this nation, MY COUNTRY, does not share the injustice inherent in their flawed,crass,erroneous and politically motivated convictions!

Fuck Harper and fuck needless loss... enough is enough!

double nickel said...

What FA said.

900ft Jesus said...

yes, what FA said. Bring them home.