Monday, December 13, 2010

Canada : Battleground for Israel

Avi Lewis : "There's no wave of anti-Semitism in Canada?"

Scott Reid : "No, no, no, no, absolutely not. It's funny I've heard people who have criticized us saying that we think this but there is absolutely no spike in the kinds of anti-Semitic incidents that I think appall us."

Con MP Scott Reid is Chair of Steering Committee of the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism and vice-chair of the CPCCA's inquiry panel on domestic anti-Semitism.

Thanks, Scott. Good to know. It seems the US Anti-Defamation League agrees with you on that.

Perhaps the misconception about the rise of, you know, actual recorded incidents of anti-Semitism in Canada stems from the original CPCCA mission statement put out by yourself and co-chair Lib MP Mario Silva in June of last year :

"Recorded incidents of antisemitism have been on the rise both locally and globally."

Last week the phrase "rising tide of anti-Semitism" was used in the Ontario legislature to hysterically condemn a two year old MA thesis written by Jenny Peto, a Jewish Palestinian solidarity activist and one of the people interviewed in the vid above. Really reaching there, guys.

Meanwhile the World Zionist Organization announced the launching of a new hasbara program targeting students, and Canada was represented there :

"Dozens of students from 14 countries around the world joined together this weekend at a seminar in Paris that launched the World Zionist Organization’s new Global Network for Countering Anti-Semitism.

The students and others like them will be the soldiers on the ground who will report to the WZO about anti-Semitism in their countries and receive advice about how to tackle future incidents. To that end, the WZO launched a media room that will be in touch with activists around the world in several languages.

The global network’s media room will be ... in contact with students acting as antennas on campuses around the world. For instance, if there is a problem on a particular campus, the WZO can contact the university and ask for security or bring in other activists from close by to help counteract the problem.

Media room director Eitan Behar :
"With the right work of all our activists around the world and if we are unified, we can win the battle that is going on around the world for Israel’s image."

What is less clear is why Canada is so determined to spearhead it.


Anonymous said...

Criticizing racist policies and actions, where the racists involved are Zionists, is of course the Zionist definition of the "new anti-Semitism".


chris said...

"What is less clear is why Canada is so determined to spearhead it."

Steve wants to ensure his place in line when the rapture happens. IMHO much more attention needs to be paid to the religious convictions of our "leaders."