Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Health update . . .

SCIENCE DAILY has a report worthy of your attention. It seems that an aspirin a day is rather beneficial for avoiding or minimizing cancers:

A daily low dose of aspirin significantly reduces the number of deaths from a whole range of common cancers, an Oxford University study has found.

The 20% drop in all cancer deaths seen in the study adds new evidence to the debate about whether otherwise healthy people in their 40s and 50s should consider taking a low dose of aspirin each day.

The results, published in the Lancet, showed that aspirin reduced death due to any cancer by around 20% during the trials. But the benefits of aspirin only became apparent after taking the drug for 5 years or more, suggesting aspirin works by slowing or preventing the early stages of the disease so that the effect is only seen much later.


The Mound of Sound said...

And, just to establish bragging rights, Aspirin was created by an A.G. Bayer team headed by my distant ancestor, Heinrich. He was personally credited with developing a second wonder drug, Heroin. They quite mistakenly believed Heroin to be the first, non-addictive opiate, hence the name. Oopsie!

Cliff said...

The articles I've seen up that 20% to 60% specifically for lung cancer and specifically for people with a family history of cancer. Personally. I'm picking up some baby aspirins tomorrow.

However they also mention taking them with a glass of milk as it works best in interaction with calcium and as I'm lactose intolerant and I share my bed with someone I like in a room that gets stuffy in winter as it is with the windows closed, I think I'll be substituting calcium supplements.