Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's official! The US military is entering a new century of personnel policy

Meaning they will have finally caught up to the rest of the modern world. Don't Ask Don't Tell is officially repealed in a Senate vote of 65 - 31 in favour of eliminating the policy.

The 65-31 vote came after an earlier procedural vote that brought the milestone in gay rights to the Senate floor. It also fulfilled a campaign promise by President Obama, who has been under attack from liberals in his own party for seeking compromises with Republicans on economic and tax issues during the lame-duck congressional session.
Don't anyone get too excited about this. The actual change in policy could take as much as a year. In that period of time you will hear a lot of dinosaurs howling about combat efficiency and "distraction".

Count on it.


Beijing York said...

There may well be foot dragging but it is a crucial first step. So on that note, YAY!

Rev.Paperboy said...

I believe the actual legislations was drafted in the Pentagon's department of It's-about-fucking-time.