Wednesday, December 22, 2010

another headdesk moment

I know it is only Wednesday, but this is going to be tough to beat for the stupidest thing I'm going to hear all week.

"The armies of other nations...could allow homosexuals to serve in their military because we didn't allow them to serve in ours...We will no longer able to bail out these other emasculated armies because ours will now be feminized and neutered beyond repair, and there is no one left to bail us out."
American Family Association's Bryan Fischer


Jim said...

Bryan Fischer has avoided military service for all of his life. I find that nearly all of the really stupid things that are said about the armed forces are said by people who never wore a uniform.

Mark Twain once said that nothing spoils your self-confidence like knowing what you're talking about (or words to that effect).

Fischer is also on record supporting the banning of all Muslims from the armed forces, deporting all Muslims from the US (on the grounds of "simple Judeo-Christian compassion) and forbidding the construction of mosques in the US.

He has also complained that the Medal of Honour is given too often to people who save lives. He thinks it should be given more to people who kill others, instead of merely saving wounded under fire and other unmanly acts.

In other words, he's about bog-standard for a graduate of the Dallas Theological Seminary.

Beijing York said...

Forget about mine sniffing dogs, put this asshat Fischer and the rest of his ilk on the job.

Edstock said...

That's a real problem with Baptists, they hold them under too long.

Alison said...

Edstock. that was really funny.

I actually read this quote a few days ago and was gobsmacked by the utter stupidity of Bryan Fischer. I don't know how he manages to walk and breathe at the same time. That simple task must really strain his meager faculties.

Cliff said...

Do you know why baptists are opposed to #^%*ing while standing up? They're afraid it might lead to dancing.

Dave said...

Fischer is the embodiment of the US right-wing.

He declares that the Medal of Honor has been feminized because it is now only awarded to those who "save" lives.

Shows his lack of military service.

Every Medal of Honor ever awarded contains, as a strong element of the citation, the fact that the actions of the recipient saved the lives of others at great personal risk.

Personal risk - something Fischer is completely unfamiliar with.

Jim said...

Edstock said...

That's a real problem with Baptists, they hold them under too long.

No, Edstock, the problem is that they don't hold them under nearly long enough!

With apologies to my Baptist friends who are as embarrassed by this guy as they can be.

The Seer said...

The real problem here is that if all those other armies are as emasculated, feminized and neutered as the American army, the American army won't have any other armies to fight and we won't be able to have any more wars, ever. This will be bad for the economy, bad for the march of science and bad for the Christianization of all those heathens in all those other parts of the world. And other tragedies too numerous to mention.

None of youse guys ever thought of that, did you?

The Seer said...

He's back. Now sez Obama wants to the US back to the Indians.